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Live Support
The main goal of is to provide round-the-clock technical support for every person seeking help in computer repair.
Our main benefits are:
  • Get support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Save your money with online support!
  • Get immediate answer to your inquiry!
Get help at your convenience

Our convenient messaging mode allows you to either chat with a support representative immediately or come back to a support representative's solution at a later time.

No need to give technical specifications

The troubleshooting software increases the efficiency and quality of problem resolution by performing automatic diagnostics of your computer and sending the results to a support representative.

Just like having an expert nearby

Screen sharing enables the support representatives to see your screen just the way you do, and demonstrate solutions or help you improve your PC skills right on your computer.

...who's read 1000s of books on computers!

Our support representatives use a powerful knowledgebase with over 60,000 ready solutions, which are constantly updated with our helpdesk cases and their solutions for specific user environment and system configuration.

No inquiry is ever dropped

The remote Test Lab, whose sole purpose is to simulate and find the most accurate solutions to complicated problems, backs up the support representatives and allows them to resolve even the most complicated issues.

Unlimited support

Stay online with the support representatives for as long as you need - there is no limit to the help our customers can gain. Ask as many questions as you have with subscription-based plans.

       - 24x7x365 live PC support
       - Available prices for the service
       - Immidiate answer
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Win XP Home OCX-Files
Win XP Pro OCX-Files
Win 2003 Std DLL-Files
Win 2003 Web DLL-Files
Win 2003 SBE DLL-Files
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Windows 95 DRV-Files
Windows 98 DRV-Files
Windows 98SE DRV-Files
Windows ME DRV-Files
Win 2000 Pro DRV-Files
Win 2K Server DRV-Files
Win 2K Advance DRV-Files
Win 2K DC DRV-Files
Win XP Home DRV-Files
Win XP Pro DRV-Files
Win 2003 Std DRV-Files
Win 2003 Web DRV-Files
Win 2003 SBE DRV-Files
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