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Our Technology
Remote diagnostics is the core of unique software suite that facilitates remote diagnostics and repair of your PC. You can download it from our website and install onto your computer during the registration or anytime later. Our special troubleshooting software will make further service quicker, easier and more effective. Installed on your computer, the 24x7 support icon appears on your Desktop and in the Start menu. This is where you can find it if you want to easily access our helpdesk and other services. The icon on the Desktop of your computer allows you to get there by a simple click.

Our troubleshooting software helps you to:
  • Save time. It takes just a few minutes to check the configuration, components and software installed on your PC. This will eliminate the need for you to answer technical questions about your computer to which you might not have the answers.
  • Perform accurate diagnostics. The program scans your PC for conflicts, errors and malfunctions. This will enable the support representatives to resolve problems much faster.
  • Get immediate response. All diagnostics and repair are in real-time mode. We start processing your inquiries immediately.
Installing and using the troubleshooting software does not require special IT knowledge. All you have to do is to follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. The diagnostic data will be collected and sent to the support representatives automatically.

The troubleshooting software suite includes the following modules:
  • Remote diagnostics collects the information about your computer configuration and the software installed on it. If needed for problem resolution, this data can be immediately sent to our Support representatives for analysis.
  • Screen sharing allows our support representatives to manage your computer via Internet. This feature can be used for faster remote resolution of computer problems and remote training.
  • Web update allows you to download and install updates to the troubleshooting software suite automatically or on demand.
The troubleshooting software is a completely safe and reliable program. You have full control over its usage and all actions are performed only upon your explicit consent. The collected information is transferred for technical analysis to our support representatives and cannot be transferred to any third party. It has been designed in such a way that it does not collect private or confidential data. For more information on this issue please see 24x7 support Privacy Policy.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is an advanced technology designed for the most effective resolution of computer problems and remote training. Built into the 24x7 support software suite, this tool enables our support representatives to connect to your computer via the Internet in order to see your screen the way you do and show you a solution on your computer in the real time mode. This feature is as effective as having a support representative sitting right next to you showing you how to fix a problem.
Used in combination with chat, screen sharing allows fast and easy problem resolution. It is especially effective when a problem description or the instructions on how to solve the problem are too complicated. Just grant our support representatives access to your computer and they will take all the necessary steps to resolve a problem.
Screen sharing is also an excellent solution for those who want to improve their computer skills and technical knowledge. As you watch support representative's actions on your screen, you can ask questions or make comments. As a great visual tool, screen sharing makes online repair and support even more user-friendly and convenient.
The screen-sharing module is an absolutely safe application (see our Privacy Policy) and may be used only upon your explicit permission. Our support representatives cannot access any private information or documents on your computer. Moreover, you can monitor the support representative's actions in real time and terminate the sessions any time with a simple key combination (Ctrl+Break).

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